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We use hardware, electronics and code to make products, games and experiences that couldn't exist in any other way

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Hello :)

Mother Ultimate is Tim Burrell-Saward and friends: an independent, globally distributed studio making playful products, games and experiences that explore the rich and engaging interactions that can happen when physical objects talk to computers.

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We do serious technologies in playful ways

We make cutting edge consumer electronics combining hardware and electronics, and that integrate seamlessly with the smart devices around our homes and in our pockets. Our skillset includes expertise in industrial design, electronics engineering, app development, game design, user research, interaction design and crowdfunding, and we have hard-won experience manufacturing and distributing at global scale. We ship things, both figuratively and literally.

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We’re also artists

Alongside games we also create technology-enhanced installations for live immersive events and public exhibitions. From big physical builds to ways of gathering audience data for behind-the-scenes analysis, we know how to use technology and design to make magical, memorable, and reliable experiences that couldn’t exist any other way.

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And we know things need to change

We’re committed to acting sustainably with the things we make: from interrogating the impact of the materials we use, to reducing packaging waste, end-of-life recycling and working with environmentally progressive manufacturing partners wherever possible. If we’re making things, we should be making them responsibly.

Beasts of Balance

Jenga meets Pokémon: a mixed reality, tower stacking and world building game for all ages

Return to Dark Tower

An epic fantasy tabletop game featuring an evil mechatronic tower and dynamic connected app

ELK Experiential

Five years of playful interactive artworks for public spaces, exhibitions and events


Get in touch

We’re currently working on the studio’s first commercial release but are open to collaborating on new product development, interactive artworks and immersive theatre projects. If it involves play, technology and people, and whether a one-off or mass manufacture, we can help.