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Beasts of Balance

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A half-digital-half-physical augmented reality dexterity game that plays like a cross between Jenga and Pokémon, Beasts of Balance was the first release from studio founder Tim Burrell-Saward’s previous studio Sensible Object.

Playing either cooperatively or competitively, players take turns to build the 24 gorgeous physical artefacts into a precarious tower. With each piece stacked, players create a magically transforming, living world on a wirelessly connected phone, tablet or TV. But when the tower comes tumbling down… the volcano erupts!

Fancyprance 1 world screen

Kickstarted in 2015, the Beasts of Balance product line grew to 14 globally distributed SKUs (including digital and physical expansions) and became the first boxed game sold on shelves in Apple stores worldwide. As part of a partnership with Apple, Beasts of Balance also became a flagship example of their ARKit augmented reality technology.

Beasts of Balance was met with widespread critical acclaim and was the recipient of a shelf full of awards for its clever use of technology, considered design, tight gameplay, and appeal to both kids and adults alike. It maintains a fiercely loyal playerbase to this day.

Sensible Object grew to 23 employees and released three connected play titles based on original IP over the course of five years, including the world’s first Alexa-enabled board game made in partnership with Amazon. In 2019 the studio was acquired by Niantic and the Beasts of Balance IP was acquired by Modern Games.

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